Last updated: 8th February 2023

Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229.
Air Navigation Order (PEL)

Directives on validation of Question Bank prepared by CAAB ANO(AW) Part 147 training Organization.
Validation of Licence issued by other contracting State (Foreign Country)
Requirements of being Instructor, Examiner, assessor and invigilator of CAAB ANO(AW) Part 147 Maintenance Training Organization.
Validation of Foreign Approved Maintenance Training Organization (FAMTO).

ANO on Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB), 2017

o ANO (OPS) 01-2022 Type rating/recurrence and Flying currency for FOIs/DFOIs of CAAB. 
o ANO          01-2022 Company Flight Training Instructor (CFTI), Commercial Airlines Aeroplane.
o ANO         
 01 02/2022 Method of rendering a Foreign Licence Validation (CPL/ATPL).

ANO (OPS) A-3  Requirements for Training and Flying Experience of Pilots Engaged in Scheduled Air Services.
ANO (OPS) A-4  Issue of Pilot Licence & Ratings based on Military Qualification.
ANO (OPS) A-5  Fligth Crew Licencing
ANO (OPS) A-6  Requirements for Approval of Flight Training School (RAFTS)
ANO (OPS) A-7 (A) - Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSDs)
ANO (OPS) A-7  Requirements for Approval of Type Rating Training Organization (TRTO)
ANO (OPS) A-8  Requirements Of Training for Flight Crew in Implementing Reduced Vertical Separation Minium (RVSM)
ANO (OPS) A-14  English for Aviation Language-Training, Assessment, Test and Certification.
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