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Jashore Airport, Jashore.


Brief History Of Jashore Airport
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During the 2nd World War the British Government constructed an air base in Jashore for British Air Force. In 1945 the air base was in operation. In 1950, Pakistan Army and Air Force base were established. In 1956, initiatives were taken to start full Airport in Jashore. However, in 1960 the full airport was started in Jashore. The airport is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh but it is also used by the Bangladesh Air Force as a part of BAF Matiur Rahman Base and training airfield for Bangladesh Air Force Academy.

This Airport is located at 7 km north of Jashore city and 140 km south-west from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

The only destination is Dhaka for the Passengers. Following airlines are presently operating their passenger flights in Jashore-Dhaka-Jashore route.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Novoair
  • US-Bangla Airlines.

Besides this domestic cargo flights are also operating to and from different destination at Jashore Airport.


General Information
Latitude 23o 11' 01.50" N
Longitude 089o 09' 39.21" E
TWR FREQ. 123.2MHz, 123.9 MHz
DVOR/DME JSR, Freq, 113 MHz / 1164 MHz
VHF 123.2 MHz, 123.9 MHz, 121.8 MHz



Services/Facilities For The Honorable Passengers
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  • Car parking facility is available for the honorable passenger(s)/visitor(s) to park their vehicle.
  • Pure drinking water is available for the honorable passenger(s).
  • Baggage scanning is provided for the safety and security of the honorable passenger(s).
  • VIP/ CIP lounges are available for the honorable VIP/CIP passenger(s).
  • Passenger lounge for the honorable passenger(s).
  • Ramp and wheel Chair facilities are available for the honorable disable person(s).
  • Sanitation facilities are available for the honorable passenger(s).
  • Free Wi-Fi facility is available for the honorable passenger(s)
  • TV facility has been provided for the entertainment of the honorable passenger(s).

Brief History Services  Development Schedule

Airport Manager, Jashore, Bangladesh.
+880 421 64033, +880 1708167298 Tower: +880 421 65032
e-mail :

Airlines Office

Biman Bangladesh Airlines:
Green Villa, Puraton Kosba, Jashore,
District Manager: +880 421 71995
Stations Manager: +880 421 71996
Airport: +880 1777 77529
e-mail :,

Airport Office
Jashore Airport.
Phone: +880 421 13603, ext: 5173, +880-1755656603

City Office
Rail Road, Chourasta.
Phone: +880 421 13603, +880 9638013603, +880 9666722224, ext: 5147-48, +880-1755656670

Hotline 13605, +88 09666713605, Reservation +8801777777800-806
Mobile# +880 1777777836, +880 1777777837

Brief History Services Contact Schedule

Recently Completed Development Works

  • Extension of Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Taxiway with a new connecting Taxiway.
  • Construction of Control tower with lift facilities.
  • Construction of Patrol road with culvert at airside.
  • Construction of Box drain and open channel at airside.
  • Construction of Boundary wall at Airside and Around the Doppler Very-High-Frequency Omnidirectional Range (DVOR).
  • Construction of Rest House and F-type building, Barrack and U-Type Building.
  • Construction of Sub-Station for DVOR.
  • Interior and exterior decoration of Passenger Terminal Building.
  • Construction of Security gate with Security hut at Airside and Residential area.
  • Extension of Apron for Passengers and cargo flight.
  • Construction of Water treatment Plant.
  •  Improvement of drainage system.


  • Upgraded 100 KVA Generator capacity to 400 KVA Generator.
  • Installation of LED light for enhancing Security at Residential and Airside area, Airside area and DVOR Approach road.
  • Upgraded 400 KVA sub-station to 630 KVA Sub-station.


  • Installation of DVOR/DME.
  • Installation of CCTV camera for enhancing Security at Airside and PTB area.

On Going Development Works

  • Extension of Passenger Terminal Building..
  • Construction of MT Building.
  • Construction of recently extended PAPA Taxiway Shoulder with fillet.


  • Upgrading signage board at Airside.

Future Development Works

  • Asphalt overlay for Strengthening of Existing Runway.
  • Extension of Runway towards north side with security Boundary Wall.
  • Development of Residential area with other facilities.
  • Topographical and other survey, Soil investigation, preparing of layout plan of existing infrastructures, revised master plan, feasibility study, land use plan, Relocation of existing services, Proper utilize of Existing Services.


  • Installation of new Above Ground Level (AGL) system.
  • Installation of new PAPI.
  • Installation of new Approach light.
  • Installation of Conveyor Belt.
  • Installation of central Air Conditioning (AC).
  • Re-location Power & Primary cable for DVOR & AGL system.


  • Installation of Instrument Landing System (ILS).
  • Up-gradation of existing Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system.
  • Up-gradation of existing Public Address (PA) system.
  • Up-gradation of existing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera system for enhancing Security at Airside and PTB area.

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