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Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh constructs and maintains airports and aerodromes.
It, therefore, charges for relevant services. This section contains information and regulations
relating to Embarkation Fees, various Aerodrome Charges, and Route Navigation Charges.
Embarkation Fees Route Navigation Charges

 This is to be paid by departing passengers. It is collected by the airline at the time of ticket purchase.

 For international passengers: 500 Taka.

 For domestic passengers: 50 Taka.

 No embarkation fee is required for children under 2 years.

 For details ...

Such charges are to be paid by airline operators.

Details on Charges

Payment Arrangement


Aerodrome Charges

Such charges are to be paid by airline operators.

For details: Introduction Landing Charges Parking

and Housing Charges Boarding Bridge Fees Security

Charges, Route Navigation Facility Charges, Exemption,

Charges for flights beyond notamised hours of operation
Imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) Payment Arrangement


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