Last updated: 4th April 2023
Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229.

FSR Circular

Time line of Submission for approval/renewal/certification/issuance

Advisory Circular - 001

[Training Programmers For Terrain Awareness And Warning System (TAWS)]

Advisory Circular - 002A

[Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)]

Advisory Circular - 003A

(Crew Resource Management Training)

Advisory Circular - 004

(Communication And Coordination Between Flight Crew Members And Cabin Crews)

Advisory Circular - 005

(Line Operational Simulations, Line Oriented Flights Training, Special Purpose Operational Training)

Advisory Circular - 007

(Dispatcher/ Flight Operations Officer Resource Management Training)

Advisory Circular - 008

(Development Of Safety Department)

Advisory Circular - 009

[Establishment Of Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Programme]

Advisory Circular - 010

(Air Operators Establishing Flight Safety Document System)

Advisory Circular - 011

[Information To Operators On RNAV (GNSS) Non Precision Approach Procedures Based On GPS]

Advisory Circular - 012

[Conducting Constant Descent Final Approach (CDFA) For Non-precision Approaches]

Advisory Circular - 015

(Flight crew Procedures During Taxi Operations)

Advisory Circular - 016

(Single -Pilot Procedures During Taxi Operations)

Advisory Circular - 017

(Ground Vehicle Operations At Aerodromes)

Advisory Circular - 018

(Preventing Injuries Caused By Turbulence)

Advisory Circular - 019

(Reduced Effectiveness Of TAWS/EGPWS Equipment)

Advisory Circular - 021

[Conducting Constant Descent Final Approach (CDFA) For Non-Precision Approaches]

AC (AD)-01

Aeronautical Studies

AC (AD)-02

Guidelines for issue of Aerodrome Certificate

AC (AD)-03

Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics

AC (AD)-04

Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength - PCN

AC (AD)-05

Guidelines for Obstacle Limitation Surface

AC (AD)-06

Surface Movement Guidance and Control System


Aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Mitigation & Management System

AC (AD)-08

Human Factor Principle In Aviation

AC (AD)-09

Process To Survey And Verify The Accuracy And Integrity Of An Aerodrome Data And Publication Thereof

AC (AD)-10

Hazardous Non-aeronautical Ground Lights / LASER Emitter Near The Aerodrome

AC (AD)-11

Procedures To Evaluate The Impact On Safety By The Proposed Change In The Physical Characteristics, Facilities Or Equipment At An Aerodrome


Establishment And Implementation Of System In Aerodrome Operations

AC (AD)-13

Integration of International Aviation Security (AVSEC) Measures into Designs and Constructions of New Facilities and alterations to Existing Facilities

AC (AD)-14

Aerodrome Maintenance Manual

AC (AD)-15

Disable Aircraft Removal Plan

CAC-GEN 03/2020

Carriage of  Passengers in the international flights operated to/from Bangladesh.

CAC-GEN 03/2020

Amendment on provision to keep seats vacant in Business/First Class cabin.

CAC-PEL 03/2020

Flying more than one type of aircraft/variant (CSE-PEL) 03/2020, 20/05/2020

CAC-PEL 01/2020

Requirements for Pilots above 65 years. 07/02/2020

CAC-PEL 02/2019

Licensing policy of PPL/CPL/ATPL/FEL/FOOL (Non Expiry)

CAD-OPS 15/2020

All weather operations (CAT II, CAT III and LVTO operations)

CAD-PEL/OPS 01/2020

Licensing policy of PPL/CPL/ATPL/FEL/FOOL

CAD-PEL/OPS 13/2020

Flight and duty time limitation and rest requirements for pilots and cabin crew (FTL)

CAC-OPS 03/2020

Requirements for operation of aircraft in North Atlantic high level airspace (NAT HLA)


Conducting 'Base Training' of 'Zero Flight Time Training' in 'Full Flight Simulator' and Integrating 'Base Check' with 'Pilot Proficiency Check' for 'Type Rating' on Aero plane with 'all-up-weight' 5,700 Kg or above. (CAC-OPS)/01/2019, 02/05//2019

CAC-AOC 01/2021

Air Operator Certification

CAC-AIR 19/2021

Extension of Validity of Civil Aviation Directive (CAD)


Certificate of approval Training Organization and Engineering Instructors


Provision of Joint Venture with any Foreign AMO/MRO


Privileges of extension of MEL items interval and schedule iinspection interval


Nig Helicopter  within Bangladesh ht Operation by territory.

AT Circular 01/2018

Provisions of Operational Services to Non-schedule Flights by Foreign Registered Aircraft into or in transit across Bangladesh.

AT Circular 03/2016

Use of cell phones in flight in the selfie, photograph, video etc modes. (Corrigendum)

AT Circular 02/2016

Use of cell phones in flight in the selfie, photograph, video etc modes.

AT Circular 01/2016

Use of cell phones in flight in the selfie, photograph, video etc modes.

Air Transport Circular

Low visibility procedure for domestic Helicopter

Air Transport Circular

Operations of Ultra flight Aircraft

AGI Office Circular

[Independent e-mail address for aircraft accident/incident related information]

GSA Circular

Circular on Guidance for Issuance of the General Sales Agent Permit. (GSA)

AGA  Inspectors Training Programme

Aerodrome Surveillance Inspection Programme, 2015

Aerodrome Surveillance Inspection Plan (AGA), 2020-21

Air Operator Guidance on Cabin Safety (AOG 6-3-1)

Unaccompanied Minors Traveling in Flight (AOG 6-10-5)

Ramp & Surveillance Inspection Programme 2023

Procedure for Enlistment as Air Freight Forwarder

Imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Aeronautical and Non-Aeronautical Charges

Appointment of CAAB Instructor in Safety Management System (SMS) and State Safety Porgramme (SSP).


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